Honourable Dr. Ananda Mohan Bhattarai
Supreme Court of Nepal



1.  Date of Birth: June 15,1959
2. Gender: Male
3. Marital Status: Married
4. Nationality: Nepali
5. Permanent Address: Lekhnath-5, Kaski district, Nepal
6. Current Residence: 213 Kumud Marg, Shantinagar –34 Kathmandu Nepal




Year of Completion (A.D.)

Post-doctoral study and research

Max Planck Institute of International and Comparative Law Heidelberg, Germany

2005-06, 2008, 2011

Non-degree mid-career professional program on law, human rights and public policy at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, Special Program for Urban and Regional Studies of Developing Areas ( under Hubert Humphrey Fellowship)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, USA


Doctor in Jurisprudential Science (J.S.D) with Research focus on Environmental law, Human rights Law and Constitutional Law

National Law School of India University Bangalore, India


LL.M in Business Law

National Law School of India University Bangalore, India


MA in English Literature

Tribhuvan University


MA in Political Science

Tribhuvan University


Diploma in Law

Tribhuvan University




S. No.






Tenure Period



Supreme Court Of Nepal

August 1, 2016 - Present


Chief Judge

Court of Appeal, Biratnagar and Patan

August 2014 –July 2016


Acting Chief Judge

Court of Appeal Tulsipur

August 2013 –August 2014



Court of Appeal

January 2006 to August 2013


District Judge

District court Kathmandu, Syangja, Achham and Manang, Kapilvastu

September 1994 - January 2006


Deputy Registrar

Supreme Court Of Nepal




At different courts



  • University of Queensland, T.C. Beirne School of Law, Brisbane, Australia Participated in In-Australia Training of Trainers program on Criminal Law, Judicial Ethics, Evidence and Constitutional Law (March 25-Apr 14, 2007)
  • University of Philippine, (Institute of Judicial Administration) Quoezon City, The Philippine
    Attended a training program on Trial and Court Management for the Judges of the Kingdom of Nepal (Aug 04-15, 2003)
  • Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University and the Institute of International Education, Atlanta USA
    Participated in the Atlanta Enhancement Workshop on "Global Development and Social Justice". ( March 16-21, 2003)
  • National Law School of India Bangalore, India
    Participated in Academic Staff College Programme on “Teaching Environmental Law in the Universities” (Oct 22nd and Nov 11th, 1998)


. Books

  • PROTECTION OF HIMALAYAN BIODIVERSITY, International Environmental Law and a Regional Legal Framework (2010), Delhi, Sage Publications.
  • DISPLACEMENT AND REHABILITAITON IN NEPAL: Law and Policy and Practice, (2001) Delhi, Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd

b. Chapter in Books/Handbooks

  • Role of Judiciary in the Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Experience from Nepal (with Hon. Kalyan Shrestha) in HUMAN RIGHTS AND CONFLICT (Inke Boerefijn et al eds.) (Cambridge Intersentia, 2011)
  • Judicial Education and Skills Development for Judges and Court Staff-The Nepal Experience in JUDICIAL REFORM HANDBOOK (Oxford University Press, 2008)
  • Rule of Law and Good Governance in GOOD GOVERNANCE, Pro-Public, Kathmandu, 2001(Nepali text)
  • Negotiating Regional Bio- Issues in the Himalaya in Negotiating a Sustainable Future: Innovations in International Environmental Negotiations" – Vol. 12 PON Books Harvard University, ( William Moomaw, Lawrence Susskind and Kristen Kurczak ed. 2003) see ""
  • Towards a Legal Framework: Policy Dimensions, Developing Decentralized Institutions in MAKING WATER EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS (Anil Agrawal et al. eds) Delhi, Center for Science and Environment 2000)

c. Articles/Papers/Reports

  • Earthquake and Earth Justice: Emergence of the Environmental Justice Movement and its Relevance in Addressing Unanticipated Events, 1 Environmental Law Journal 2016.
  • Accusation of Witches and Issues Relating to Access to Justice, KANOON 2016 (Nepali text)
  • Access of the Poor to Justice: The Trials and Tribulations of ESC Rights Adjudication in South Asia, 7 NJA LAW JOURNAL 2013
  • Designing the System of Justice for Federal Nepal: Possible Contributions of Comparative Constitutional Law, 5 NJA LAW JOURNAL, 2011
  • Constitutional Rights and Social Exclusion in Nepal (with Malcolm Langford), in 18 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL ON MINORITY AND GROUP RIGHTS 18 (2011) 387–411 ""
  • Judicial Education in Nepal: Achievement and Challenges 3 NJA LAW JOURNAL 2009
  • Mountains: Convention on Biological Diversity and Subsequent Developments 2 NJA LAW JOURNAL 2008
  • Transitional Justice for the Promotion of Peace and Democracy in Nepal 1 NJA LAW JOURNAL 2007
  • Institutional Framework for Legal and Judicial Training in South Asia (with particular reference to Bangladesh and Nepal) World Bank Law and Development Working Paper series no 2, 2007 see. ""
  • Judicial System of Nepal: An Overview in FIFTY YEARS OF THE SUPREME COURT (Golden Jubilee Special Issue) 2006
  • The Treaty of Rome and Possible Obligations Following Accession by Nepal in ""
  • Domestic Human Rights Advocacy: Approaches and Strategies, 17 NEPAL LAW REVIEW 2004, also available at ""
  • Environmental Management of the Himalayan Watershed: An Inquiry into the Land Related Policies and Laws of Nepal, 16 NEPAL LAW REVIEW 2003
  • Protected Areas and Issues of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation: A case study of Royal Shuklaphant Wildlife Reserve, 15 NEPAL LAW REVIEW 2002
  • Right to Property and the Recent Legal Development in Nepal, 2 Annual Survey of Nepali Laws, 2002
  • The Ideological Basis of Nepali Forest Laws, Conservation Measures and the Proposed Amendment 6 ENVIRONMENT 7, 2001( A publication of MoEF/NoN)
  • The Jurisprudence of Property Right and the Constitutional Development in USA, India and Nepal, 14 NEPAL LAW REVIEW 1&2, 2000-2001
  • Judicial scrutiny of the Dissolution of Legislatures, Notes from the Indian Sub-continent, LAWASIA, (withVikram Raghavan)(1996-1997)

d. Research as Principal investigator

  • Organized Crimes: An Introduction (Resource Material) Published by National Judicial Academy (Chapter Author) 2011 (Nepali text)
  • Execution of Judgements: Problems and Possible Solutions (Chief Investigator) National Judicial Academy 2008 (Nepali text)
  • Rome Treaty of International Criminal Court and Prevailing Criminal Laws of Nepal: A Study (Chief Investigator) National Judicial Academy 2008 (Nepali Text)

e. Papers/Presentations/Talks

  • Participation as Panelist at the "Dialouge with Judges" in the "Third Asian Judges Symposium on an Law, Policy and Climate Change", 27 september 2016, Manila
  • "Dialouge between Public and the Judges,Panel Discussion at the South Asia Judical Conference on Environment and climate Justice" Dhaka Nov 26, 2016.
  • Papers at the Workshop on titles a) Constitutional and Legal Framework for the Environment: Comparative Analysis of South Asian Countries and b) Environmental law and Justice: Perspective from Nepal for High Court and Appeal Court Judges, organized by the ADB and Sri Lanka Judges Institute. March 20, 2016
  • Adjudicating the Future: Climate Change and the Rule of Law Judicial Experiences of Climate Change across the World: A Panel Discussion, The Kings College, London September 18, 2015.
  • Community Forest Management in Nepal and the Judiciary Paper presented at 3rd South Asia Judicial Roundtable, Colombo, Sri Lanka 9 Aug 2014
  • Mountain and Upland Ecosystems: Relevant Laws and Law Enforcement and the Judicial Role, paper presented at the 2nd Asian Judges Symposium, Manila Dec. 3-5, 2013
  • Judicial Education and Judicial Reform: Nepali Experience, Presentation at the Regional Conference on Judicial Education, Kathmandu September 23, 2013
  • Limitations of Environmental Policies and Laws" at the 2nd South Asia Chief Justices Roundtable on Environmental Justice Thimphu, Bhutan 31st Aug. 2013
  • Combating Wildlife Crime and International Cooperation, Presentation at Symposium on Combating Wildlife Crimes, jointly organized by CITES and ADB, Bangkok 10-12 March 2013
  • Presentation Implementation of Biodiversity Laws, presentation given at Judicial Colloquium on Biodiversity: Side-Event to the 11th Conference of the Parties for the Convention on Biodiversity, Hyderabad, India 13th Oct. 2012
  • Contribution of the Judiciary in Shaping the Constitutional Discourse in Nepal, paper presented at the Round Table Discussion on Constitutional Crisis in Nepal at London School of Economics, Department of Law, London Oct. 19, 2012
  • Protection of Himalayan Biodiversity: Why a Regional Legal Framework? Paper presented at Britain Nepal Academic Council, SOAS, University of London, Oct. 19, 2012

f. Articles/Papers in Nepali

  • बोक्सी, वोक्साको आरोप र न्यायसंग जोडिएका प्रश्नहरु, कानून २०७३
  • संघीय नेपालकोलागि न्यायिक संरचनाको निर्माण: तुलनात्मक विधिशास्त्रवाट के सिक्न सकिन्छ, संघीय कानून २०७२
  • न्यायमुर्ति विश्वनाथ उपाध्यायलाई फैसला मार्फत नियाल्न खोज्दा, एनजेए ल जर्नल २०७१
  • न्यायाधीशहरुको क्षेत्रीय भेला र सरोकारका सवालहरु, (टेक नारायण कुवर संग), न्याय चौतारी २०६८
  • वालवालिका सम्वन्धी राष्ट्रिय नीति, कानुन र विधि, वाल न्याय स्रोत संगालो, राष्ट्रिय न्यायिक प्रतिष्ठान, २०६६
  • वालवालिकासंग गरिने व्यवहार र सञ्चार, वाल न्याय स्रोत संगालो, राष्ट्रिय न्यायिक प्रतिष्ठान, २०६६
  • न्यायपालिका र हालै उठेका केही प्रसंग, न्याय चौतारी, २०६५
  • उत्तरदायी न्याय व्यवस्था र न्यायाधीशहरुको राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलन, सर्वोच्च बार जर्नल, २०६७
  • न्यायिक सुधारको प्रसंग र संवैधानिक अदालत, न्यायदूत, २०६७-२०६८
  • संघात्मक संवैधानिक व्यबस्था र न्यायपालिका: केही सवाल, न्यायदूत, २०६४-६५

g. Published Decisions

  • LANDMARK JUDGMENTS ON VIOLENCE AGAINT WOMEN AND CHILDREN FROM SOUTH ASIA, (Delhi, South Asia Regional Initiative, SARIQ 2004)In this volume two of my decisions from Kathmandu district Court have been published)

h. Editorial Experience

  • Landmark Decisions of the Supreme Court on Gender Justice, National Judicial Academy 2010 (editor)
  • NJA LAW JOURNAL (founding editor)


  • Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, AVH Foundation, Germany (2005-06), 2008, 2011.
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for Mid-Career Professional Study in the United States, US Department of State award (2002-03)
  • Colombo Plan Fellowship from the Government of India for LL.M studies (1994-1997)
  • Best Book of the Year Award by the Bar Council of Nepal, 2001 for the book on “Displacement and Rehabilitation in Nepal”
  • Mahendra Vidhya Bhushan (Class A) by the King of Nepal, for carrying out outstanding doctoral study, 2001
  • Mahendra Vidhya Bhushan (Class B) by the King of Nepal for standing first in the LLM studies, 2001
  • Gorkha Daxin Bahu ( Class III) by the King of Nepal for making outstanding contribution as a judge of Kathmandu District Court 2001


  • Member SAARC Law, Nepal Chapter
  • Vice President, Judges Society, Nepal (2014-2016)

213 Kumud Marg, Shantinagar –34
GPO Box 7044, Kathmandu Nepal