Hon'ble Justice

Hon'ble Justice Mr. Awadhesh Kumar Yadav
Supreme Court of Nepal
  • Born on Feb 3, 1947(19th , Magh  2003 B.S)
  • Before Appointed as Judge practiced as Advocate in Zonal Courts and    Eastern Regional Court Dhankuta Continuously 18 years.
  • Appointed as Additional Judge for Appellate Court Dipayal on 4th  Nov 1991 (18th  Kartik 2048 B.S) and from there transfred to Appellate Court Patan Lalitpur, Kathamandu and worked there two and half years.
  • Appointed as Judge for Appellate Court Surkhet on 2nd  Sep 1994 (17th   Bhadra 2051 B.S) and transfored to appellate Court Biratnagar, Butwal, Dhankuta and Hetauda.
  • Appointed as Chief judge for Appellate Court Tulsipur on 3rd  Jan 2006 (19th  Poush 2062 B.S)
  • Appointed as Ad-Hoc Justice of Supreme Court on 25th Aug 2008 (9th  Bhadra 2065 B.S).
  • Appointed as Permanent Judge of Supreme Court on 18th Nov 2010 (2nd , Mansir 2067 B.S) .
  • During the above period, decided important cases including: several as constitutional, family dispute, gender justice, Economic, Inclusive and all types of writs.
  • Member of :- Leaded as Chairman,Vice Chairman and Secretary in Sagarmatha Zonal Bar Association Rajbiraj many Years.
  • Field of Interest: Social justice, Natural Justice, Judicial activities, Reform of judiciary, Elimination of corruption.         
  • Due to retire on  2nd  Feb 2012 (18th Magh 2068 B.S).