1.  Date of Birth: November 15, 1963
2. Gender: Female
3. Marital Status: Married
4. Nationality: Nepali
5.Address: Shwet Binayak Marg, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal




Year of Completion (A.D.)

Mid Career Master in Public Administration(MC/MPA)

Harvard University,USA


Master in Comparative Law(MCL),
(Political Science)

Delhi University


Bachelor in Law(BL)

Tribhuvan University,Nepal




S. No.






Tenure Period



Supreme Court Of Nepal

2073 Shrawan 17  - Present


 Gender/Legal Expert and Steering Committee Member

Supreme Court of Nepal



Senior Advocate

Supreme Court of Nepal

2069 Falgun  


Advisor, Unit on Women Empowerment and Gender based Violence

Prime Minister Office

 2066 B.S. - 2071 B.S.


 Member of Constituent Assembly

Constitution House

 2065 Baishakh - 2069 Baishakh



Supreme Court of Nepal

2043 Poush


  • Vice President, SARRC Law Nepal Chapter and Executive Council Member SARRC LAW (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation in Law) 2014-2016.
  • Former Central Executive Member Nepal Bar Association and Former Executive member and Former Treasurer of Supreme Court Bar, Former President of Women Lawyer Association Nepal and founder President of Forum for Women Law and Development Nepal. Former board member Equality Now and founder South Asian Women’s Fund.
  • Member, Committee Against Torture, United Nation,2014
  • Gender Advisor Panel Member to the Reproductive Health Division, WHO,2014
  • High-Level Committee to Monitor Violence Against Women, January – March 2013
  • Member of the High Powered Committee to Amend Discriminatory Law against Women, Government of Nepal, 29th August – November 2001.
  • Lecturer, Nepal Law Campus, Faculty of Law, Tribhuwan University, 1990-1992 (Company Law and Administrative Law).
  • Involved in the Development of Plan and Plan of Actions: Plan of Action against Gender Based Violence against Women (2010 - 2012), Tenth Plan (2002-2007) of the Government of Nepal on marginalized group and gender as a cross cutting issue, Beijing Follow-up Plan of Action 2002, National Plan of Action on Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women 2000.
  • Engaged in the Drafting of Laws: As member to Legislative Committee in the Constituent Assembly chair the committee in drafting of Investment Board Act 2010 and Domestic Violence Act 2008. Member of Committee to Finalize Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Disappearance Commission Bill, Anti Tobacco Act 2011, Mediation Act 2011, Untouchability Prohibition Act 2011, and Health Institution and Workers Right 2008.
  • Contributed in Law Reform Initiatives: Coordinated law reform on Gender based Violence Amendment Act 2015 through High-Level Committee to Monitor Violence Against Women, January to March 2013, Coordinated Gender Equality Bill drafted by Civil Society in 2007 Coordinated law reform initiatives on Inheritance Right for women (Country Code 11th Amendment). Coordinated Human Trafficking Bill drafted by Civil Society/UNIFEM in 2005, Coordinated HIV and AIDS draft Bill for FWLD/NCASC/Policy Project, Nepal, 2005-2007. Coordinated Foreign Employment Bill for Ministry of Labour and Transportation/UNIFEM 2005. Drafted amendment proposal for economic empowerment of Women. Worked as as a Team Member of the Government Task Force, framed a concept paper on Family Court Bill, also involved in drafting bill on National Commission on Women, 1999 and Inheritance Right Bill.
  • Public Interest Lawyer: As a cause lawyer, filed and pleaded number of cases on a range of issues, from the environment (water pollution, Godavari Marble Case, Pesticide Case) to civil rights (such as Voting Right’s for Prisoners) as well as right of the minorities and marginalized groups. Involved in all most all the leading cases regarding gender discrimination issues in Nepal (right to inheritance, ensuring reproductive health right, criminalizing marital rape, witness protection, maintaining confidentiality etc.)
  • Involved in Reporting under Treaty Monitoring Bodies for State Accountability: Provided Technical assistance on finalization of shadow report on 4th and 5th Periodical Report of CEDAW 2011. Coordinated NGO Shadow Report preparation and participation to CEDAW Committee on Initial Report to CEDAW in 2004 and also in 1999.
  • Training Manual Prepared, Training Coordinated and Facilitated Training Manual Prepared for the Police on Prevention and Prosecution of Trafficking of Human Beings (2011). Training Manuals prepared on Conflict Resolution, Legal and Economic Rights for Women. Para Legal Manuals and Trainings. Training Manual on CEDAW and OP to CEDAW, Prepared Training and Manual on Combating Trafficking of Women and Children, Manual on HIV and Trafficking. Facilitated various Training Programs and workshops


  • “Training conducted on “How to be a strategic parliamentarian”, IDEA and Inter-parliamentary, September 26-29, Myanmar
  • Legal Consultant, Donor Direct Action to initiate collaboration with HAWACA, an organization based in Afghanistan, May, 2013
  • Consultant, UNICEF Afghanistan to the review of Anti Trafficking legislation, October 30 to December 31, 2007, Afghanistan.
  • Facilitated Peer learning of South Asian Governments on CEDAW Reporting, April 5-7, 2007, organized by UNIFEM SARO and Government of Pakistan in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Resource Person in South Asia Regional Training CEDAW organized by PLD and UNIFEM, September 24-29, 2006 in Delhi, India.
  • National Expert on Gender and Human Rights for the evaluation of UN High Commissioner on Human Rights activities for European Commission 2006
  • Contributor in Developing Training Guideline on Violence Against Women (Includes Trafficking survivor), LACC/SARI Q, 2006 Mach-July
  • Contributed in study on Legal Identity for Social Inclusion, May 2005- January 2006, Asian Development Bank, Regional and Technical Assistance Project carried out by The Asia Foundation.
  • Contributed in IWRAW AP Occasional Paper Series on Equal Right to Nationality in the Asia Pacific, 2006.
  • UNIFEM Afghanistan, for the evaluation of the gender and justice project and made recommendation for the future program, July 20 to August 11, 2005, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Contributed in IWRAW AP Occasional Paper Series on Sexual Harassment in the work place: Opportunity and Challenges in the Asia Pacific, 2005
  • Study on Laws and Legal Procedures Concerning the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Nepal as a part of a Regional Study on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of children (CSEC) 2004, ECPAT/Plan
  • Contributor in an Asia Pacific Regional Paper on "Women, HIV and Human Rights", prepared for the UN Office of the high Commissioner for Human Rights 2004.
  • Contributor to a book on Philanthropy and Law in South Asia, Asia Pacific Philanthropy Consortium, 2004
  • With Asia Foundation to assist Center for Human Rights and Development in developing methodology and study on legal and policy framework for trafficking law reform in Mongolia, July 2003
  • Contributed in A Resource Guide to Regional and International Instruments, Political Commitments and Recommended Practice (chapter on Key Considerations for improving laws enforcement responses) UN, ESCAP, 2003
  • For UNICEF ROSA, prepared advocacy materials to encourage governments of South Asia for the ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on Sale of Children, Child Pornography and Child Prostitution, and on the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children, supplementing the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime 2000, (July to September 2002)
  • UN High Commissioner on Human Rights, Cambodia Office (technical input on the finalization of Initial Report to CEDAW of Royal Government of Cambodia), November 10 – December 31, 2002.
  • UN High Commissioner on Human Rights and ESCAP for the CEDAW training to the Judges (how to apply on judicial intervention) and Government Official (on reporting obligation) of Asia Pacific Region, November 2 – 8, 2002, Bangkok.
  • Prepared Comments under each article of the SAARC Convention Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children and coordinated advocacy for adoption and amendment on SAARC Convention on Trafficking, 2001
  • Regional study for United Nations Division for the Advancement of the Women, to Analyze the Impact of the Strategies on Violence Against Women in Asian Region 1998 through Equality Now
  • Advocating for equality of women and other excluded groups and also working to amend discriminatory laws of the world through Equality Now, CRR and IWRAW AP. Participating as a resource person in various trainings conducted by IWARW AP and UNIFEM on CEDAW, Trafficking of women and Children

F.AWARDS (Awarded on Different Dates)

  • Lotus Leadership Award for contributing in women's right and anti trafficking law, June 6, 2013, The Asia Foundation
  • Gruber International Women’s Right Award, 2008 - by the Peter and Patricia Gruber Foundation for advancing gender equality, USA
  • Youth Ambassador for Peace, 2007 - Award by Youth Federation for World Peace
  • Krishna Mohan Nudap Shanti Award, 2005 - Awarded for working for inclusion and peace in Nepal.
  • The Most Influential Women by Readers Choice, 2004 - BOSS
  • Durga Award, 2003 - awarded for working for women empowerment in Nepal.


  • Marginalized Groups in the Constituent Assembly: Participation, Issues and challenges, FWLD, 2013
  • Rule of Law and Policing in Nepal, Policing in Nepal: A collection of Essays, Safer World, September 2007, page 28-33
  • Legal Identity for Social Inclusion, a study conducted for Asian Development Bank, 2006
  • Author of Trafficking of Human being, Effectiveness of law Enforcement Mechanism, UNIFEM /FWLD 2005
  • Human Development Report, Chapter on Access to Justice, 2004
  • Inheritance Right of Nepali Women: Journey Towards Equality, IWARW- Asia Pacific/FWLD, 2004
  • Discriminatory Laws in Nepal and their impact on Women: A review of the current situation and proposals for change, 2000 and updated in 2004 and 2005, FWLD
  • HIV/AIDS and Human Rights: A legislative Audit. NCASC/Policy Project/FWLD, Nepal, 2004.
  • Author, book on Laws Related to Hotel Industry, 2003 (Commentaries on laws related to hotel industry that includes labour laws, taxation laws and company laws)
  • Substantive Model of Equality and State Obligation FWLD and Asia foundation, 2002.
  • Co-author in Abortion in Nepal: Women in prison, CRLP and FWLD, 2002
  • Sexual Harassment at Workplace in Nepal for ILO/FWLD, 2001
  • Pro-Poor Governance Assessment Nepal, Contributed Chapters (Access to Justice and Personal Security and Honest and Accountable Government) on Promoting Enabling State Program/ DIFID, September 2001. Gives a comprehensive assessment of the pro-poor governance situation in Nepal.
  • Chapter on Nepal in the "First CEDAW Impact Study", Published by Center for Feminist Legal Research, York University, Canada, 2000. (Focus on the status of women in Nepal.
  • A chapter on Violence Against Women and Girls in Nepal, Breaking the Silence: Violence Against Women in Asia, Published by Equal Opportunity Commission, 1999
  • Baseline Study on Inheritance Right of Women, A project of IWRAW Asia Pacific on Facilitating State Obligation towards women’s Equality, 1999.


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Supreme Court of Nepal
P.O. Box.20438